IMPACT Sports Performance will host it’s annual Weed & Feed summer workout program, featuring 10-weeks of workouts, 4 times per week and 90 minutes per day, from 6/26/17 to 9/1/17.

Athletes will be separated into two age groups, Varsity (14-18+) and Junior Varsity (10-13). The first half of each workout will be dedicated to age-appropriate resistance training, and the second half will be dedicated to speed and agility training.

Specific aims of the summer will include developing proper running mechanics, first step quickness, power, full body strength, efficient change of direction, and increased work capacity. Fundamental movements will be taught and progressed under the guidance of our proven sports performance professionals in an educational and ultra-motivating environment.

An addition to this year’s program will be three testing days to communicate to the athletes exactly how they are progressing. Fridays will include time to reflect on physical focus towards training and mental focus towards reviewing key passages from many of the greatest athletes, coaches, and leaders of our time.

Varsity (14-18+) hours
Monday – 10am
Tuesday – 10am or 4pm
Thursday – 10am or 4pm
Friday – 10am

JV (10-13) hours
Monday – 8am
Tuesday – 8am or 5pm
Thursday – 8am or 5pm
Friday – 8am

Purchase the full 10-week program, or tailor workouts to your summer schedule:

Full 10-week program (40 workouts):             $650

25 workouts:                                                   $450

10 workouts:                                                   $200

Single workouts:                                             $25