The Shops at HARBORCENTER feature upwards of 5,000 square feet of additional retail space that spans down Main Street towards KeyBank Center. The storefronts provide additional shopping convenience for year-round visitors of Buffalo’s Canalside. Clayton’s Toys & Gifts, Fowler’s Chocolates, The Healthy Scratch, and Red Siren are the storefronts along the Main Street side of HARBORCENTER, across from Canalside.

Clayton’s Toys & Gifts was born in Buffalo in 1916.  Originally a doll repair shop, then doll specialty store, Clayton’s has grown into a specialty gift shop with a wide variety of popular toys and unique gift ideas.  The business was a mainstay in the Elmwood Village from its creation until 1991, when store was moved to Main Street in Williamsville.  Almost 100 years later, Clayton’s is still inspired by the whimsical ideas and timeless toys that Eleanor Clayton and original owner Katherine Driscoll used to mold the store.  The company was recently purchased by longtime managers Kellie Klos and Tera McElligott, both residents of North Buffalo.  They are expanding the business to introduce a second location and establish Clayton’s first presence in Buffalo since 1991. www.ClaytonsToyStore.com

Fowler’s Chocolates has been making important contributions to the Buffalo community dating all the way back to the Pan American Exposition. It was there that a young entrepreneur named Joseph A. Fowler operated a booth where he created and sold a variety of chocolate confections and sweets. The candies were such a success that Fowler opened a permanent shop in Buffalo following the conclusion of the exposition. Fowler’s Chocolates developed into a family business and is credited with the creation of “sponge candy,” a Western New York dessert favorite. The company remained in the Fowler family until 1993, when it was sold to Randy and Ted Marks. Fowler’s HARBORCENTER shop will be the company’s seventh location in Western New York. www.FowlersChocolates.com

Red Siren is a start-up concept by Performance Partners President and CEO Sharon Randaccio that specializes in higher end women’s apparel and accessories.  Red Siren will appeal to local shoppers, hockey moms and tourists by bringing 50 specialty gift, jewelry, leather and clothing brands to the downtown waterfront.  Red Siren’s concept aims to create a truly unique shopping experience that will attract visitors to the Canalside district because of its unique and popular items. www.TheRedSiren.com