Flexibility and Mobility

The words flexibility and mobility are many times used interchangeably, and though related, are very different when describing athletic movement.

Flexibility refers to a passive motion allowed by the synovium, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that surround a joint. It truly refers to the amount of stretch that can be applied through these tissues.

Mobility refers to one’s ability to control movement through a wide range of motion. It can be further described as proficiency while holding and moving from positions closer to one’s end range of motion.

Mobility allows an athlete to act and react to the various demands placed on the body during sporting events. As the body moves properly and in a controlled fashion, likelihood of injury decreases.

At IMPACT Sports Performance, we utilize Functional Range Conditioning to enhance both flexibility and mobility by providing the athlete with verbal education and physical instruction based upon this system. Our coaches will also provide the assessment to identify limitations in mobility and flexibility, then provide the programing specific to address those limitation.

In subsequent installments in our Return to Play Series, we will discuss specific joint segments, common limitations, and samples of programming designed to improve athletic performance in our athletes and clients.