IMPACT Sports Performance is dedicated to creating an educational and competitive training experience and advantage for teams, athletes and visitors of HARBORCENTER and Western New York, while promoting high standards of physical and mental strength. Please continue to check this page for new programs. If you are interested in registering for a program, please click here.

Team Performance Training

IMPACT Sports Performance offers an innovative approach to team training – building a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Our unique program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction, linear speed, lateral agility, explosive power development, balanced muscular strength, and energy system development. Athletes are closely supervised as the coach takes them through an intense 60-minute workout with a focus on proper biomechanics and form.

One-hour Individual Training Session

You will receive a 60 minute training session focusing on all five components of physical fitness – muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Age-appropriate instruction will take you through a mobility warmup, resistance training, core strengthening, and conditioning. You will have full access to the state-of-the-art equipment as well as be led by one of IMPACT’s performance professionals.

Fitness Evaluation

You will go through a series of physical fitness tests to determine your current conditioning level. Specific tests used are dependent on the athlete’s age, sport, position, and performance goals. Testing may include body composition, range of motion, postural analysis, power–speed–agility, strength-endurance-balance, and aerobic & anaerobic capacity. One of IMPACT’s qualified staff members will identify critical physical imbalances and weaknesses that may hamper your performance or lead to serious injury. Our pre-training analysis of your current physical condition as well as current training program may help us prevent you from injury by identifying specific weaknesses, imbalances, and/or postural abnormalities.

Injury Predisposition Screening

You will be assessed by one of IMPACT’s certified staff members to determine deficits that may be hindering you from attaining your physical fitness goals. Your assessment will include the biomechanics of each joint segment, muscular imbalances and range of motion for predispositions to injury.

Nutritional Profile Assessment

You will be given a customized nutritional profile to assist in reaching your body weight goals. The program assesses physiological parameters, anatomical measurements, workload capacities, sleeping patterns, etc. to provide accurate data. The program comes with hundreds of healthy food options and portion sizes as well as daily meal examples to ensure successful goal attainment.

Youth Performance Training

Youth Performance Training offers a combination of age-appropriate strength training and speed and agility drills that develop the components of linear and lateral movement. Our fundamental approach allows for IMPACT athletes to be progressed in a very systematic fashion with the end goal being excelled athletic performance in all areas of fitness. In addition to improving the athletic performances of our athletes, IMPACT ensures it’s athletes stay as healthy as possible by basing all of the protocols on proven sports medicine-based injury prevention exercises.


High School Performance Training

High School Performance Training creates three pillars for improved performance – proper strength ratios, increased linear acceleration, and more fluid lateral mobility. IMPACT offers five classes a week which entail three days of strength training and linear speed training combined with two days of lateral mobility drills and core emphasis. The program is based on protocols that ensure athletes increase muscular size, muscular strength, and muscular balance safely and efficiently do what they need to do on the field. A variety of injury prevention exercises are incorporated to reinforce IMPACT’s desire to create longevity in our athlete’s careers.


Adult Performance Training

Adult Performance Training aims to have our clients reach the active lifestyle they were once accustomed to in their youth. These classes are not for the faint of heart, but for those committed to making a difference in their fitness levels. Knowing this, our adult population is always ready to work as hard as they possibly can! The IMPACT staff pushes everyone to THEIR next level by combining cardiovascular training methods and movement-specific exercises. Each session is scripted to promote all the components of physical fitness while reinforcing sports medicine based injury prevention exercises that allow for lifelong physical activity.