IMPACT Sports Performance believes that proper training requires a serious, focused approach that is personalized for each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and individual performance goals.  When an athlete comes through the doors of IMPACT to train, they will be stepping into a very intense, motivating environment where maximizing an athlete’s potential and performance is the driving force. Our 4,500 square foot facility is outfitted with the most authentic playing surfaces and movement-specific equipment that goes way beyond the realm of what is found at your elite training facility.

The types of clients that train at IMPACT range from professional athletes of all sports, to youth athletes who have goals set on making it to the next level.  It also includes adults looking for a better and more professional, and educationally-oriented fitness program.

Our clients know when they come to IMPACT, they must be focused and committed to getting better and training harder than they have in the past. At IMPACT, our unmatched facility and equipment, top coaching staff, and movement-specific programming put together a total package for athletic achievement and individual success.



The facility is highlighted by:

  • 35-yard, three-lane indoor track – The turf track provides our athletes with a safe and realistic training surface for speed and agility drills.
  • UCS Olympic Training Racks – Olympic lifting and barbell training is great way to develop strength and power.  IMPACT has 6 built in racks that allow our coaches to effectively train teams or individuals.
  • TRX Suspension Trainer – TRX suspension help deliver effective and efficient total body workouts that build strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability for athletes of all fitness levels
  • Woodway Curve Treadmills – The Curve treadmill is fully athlete-operated.  In others words, the athlete creates forces to move the frictionless belt using their own power.  The curve treadmill is unmatched in its ability to provide a workout that is biomechanically and metabolically similar to ground based running.  Athletes have been proven to burn more than 30% more calories while running on the Curve compared to traditional treadmills.
  • Woodway Force Treadmill – The Force treadmill works by tethering the athlete to the platform so they become the driving force of the frictionless belt.  The Resistance can be added to the belt which allows one to maximize acceleration and speed training.  The Force allows our coaches to measure speed and power output, so we may quickly and accurately monitor the ability and progress of our athletes.
  • Watt Bikes – Watt bikes are recognized as the top indoor bike for training and testing.  The Watt bike system instantly records 39 parameters, including power output, heart rate and quality of pedaling technique.   Both air and magnetic resistance are available which allows us to replicate any desired training from low intensity rides to maximal intensity sprints.
  • Versa Climbers – This cardio training machine uses a vertical climbing design to achieve effective whole body conditioning.  The versa climber has been clinically proven to burn more calories than treadmills, bikes or ellipticals.  An additional benefit of this machine allows our coaches to modify weight bearing or loading on joints and soft tissues.
  • Keiser Performance Trainers – This trainer is a high-low pulley system that provides pneumatic, or air, resistance for a wide variety of upper, lower and full-body movements.  Air resistance translates into minimal shock load to joints and tissues that may occur with traditional plate stacked machines.  IMPACT coaches utilize this advanced technology to improve 3 dimensional stability, strength and power.
  • Fit Light Trainers – A state of the art reaction system consisting of 8 RGB lights that act as targets for the athlete.  The light pods can be adapted and configured to work on all aspects of performance including reaction time, speed, agility and coordination.  Performance in these skills can be measured and repeated to provide IMPACT coaches with immediate feedback.
  • Keiser Air Runners – A unique and innovative machine that is designed to train and measure lower body power.  The pneumatic resistance allows for smooth loading of the lower extremity while training for speed, strength and power.  The Air runner is also superb to enhance squatting, lunging, running and lower body biomechanics.
  • Power plate – A whole body vibration platform that has been clinically proven to promote muscle activation, power, strength and recovery.  IMPACT coaches utilize the power plate to increase the demand of many popular exercises, such as, squats, push-ups and balance challenges.
  • UCS Glute and Ham Machines – Development of the glutes and hamstrings are key to any sport.  This machine is the best in it’s class allowing athletes of all shapes, sizes and levels to efficiently and safely perform a variety of Glute-Ham exercises.
  • Ultra Slide Boards – Lateral and multi-directional movement is key in many sports.  UltraSlide boards are the highest quality boards that allow IMPACT coaches to train lateral strength and movement progressions with a sport specific feel.   The low impact nature of slideboards allows for strength and endurance gains while minimizing stress to joints and muscles.
  • VertiMax Platforms – A training platform that provides 8 possible resistance points that can be used to advance speed, jumping ability and explosiveness.  IMPACT coaches utilize this piece of equipment to appropriately load upper/lower/full body exercises in sport specific positions.
  • A variety of resistance training accessories including Olympic bumper plates, Resistance bands, Dumbells, Chains, Bosu Balls, Air ex pads, Hex Bars, and Stability Balls.
  • A variety of speed, agility and power training equipment including hurdles, bullet belts, jump ropes, plyo boxes and agility ladders.

IMPACT also contains dedicated space to recovery and regeneration.  Athletes will have access to a variety of recovery tools including:

  • Game Ready Units- Game Ready integrates proven cold and compression therapy to help athletes’ recovery from injury or tough training sessions.  The active pneumatic compression and cold reduce swelling, decrease pain, and enhance your bodies natural healing abilities.
  • POLAR POOL – Ice therapy is a proven way to speed recovery between training sessions, decrease swelling and improve the body’s own ability to heal.  This tool allows athletes to submerge their whole bodies into cold water.
  • True Stretch-A self-contained stretching station that allows athletes to enhance their stretching and mobility exercises.  IMPACT utilizes this machine for dynamic and static 3 dimensional stretching to promote proper body alignment and muscle length.
  • A array of additional tools for recovery including foams rollers, sticks, and stretching ropes.

Testing Equipment:

  • Vertec
  • Video Analysis
  • Laser Timers
  • Catapult Energy System Tracking

In addition to the 4,500 square feet dedicated to IMPACT, HARBORCENTER houses space and resources available to IMPACT’s athletes and coaches, including:

  • State of the art theater
  • Conference Rooms