2005 – 2006 Pee Wee Skating Program


Pee Wee Skating Program  2005-2006

Price – $189


The Academy Skating program will help you take advantage of the skating power you never knew you had. At this stage of skating development, the program players will begin to go through a progressive set of drills that are focused on building “in-game” skills. While we will continue to reinforce the fundamentals of skating, our staff will challenge a players’ ability to generate in game:  speed, escape-ability, and quickness. By the end of the program, players will understand that body rotation and a strong centerline alignment will create speed they can transfer into their game competition. The Six (6) consecutive week program will additionally focus on:

  • Balance
  • One foot edge drills
  • Mohawks
  • Hip Rotation
  • Starts and stops
  • Stride lengthening
  • Six (6) – 75 minute Ice sessions
    • 5 hours of ice
  • Small Group Training – Deliberate and constructive on ice instruction is essential to skill growth.  This program will have a 5:1 Player to Coach ratio or lower each session.


Pee Wee Skating Spring Schedule is as follows:

Program Sessions: Monday – April 16,23,30  May 7,14,21

  • On Ice: 4:00– 5:15pm


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