Goalie Camp Group 2: 2003-2006

2019 Summer – Goalie Camp (2003-2006) – $275

The Academy of Hockey goalie camp aims to deliver a holistic program, with focus on building well-rounded, athletic goalies. The developmental goal for our participants will be to provide a consistent and professional level of instruction through a high number of repetitions with instant feedback and correction. The Academy of Hockey’s goaltending development curriculum, lead by Director of Goaltending John Daigneau, as well as other Academy of Hockey coaching staff members is fundamentally structured while progressively building towards more modern and advanced concepts.

Monday-Friday | 12:00pm – 4:00pm | July 8-12 | Harborcenter

There will be two independent groups, each consisting of 12 goalies. This Academy program will deliver a unique, one of a kind experience for participants both on and off the ice, through a variety of special features including:

  • 2 goalies per net
  • 3 to 1 goalie to coach ratio
  • Technical: 5  hours of on-ice instruction
  • Physical: Five (5) hours of goalie-specific off-ice training
  • Mental: 5 goaltending training-specific classroom sessions
  • Jersey provided
  • Final schedule will be communicated 2 weeks prior to beginning of camp

Key Fundamentals:  Strong base of skating, footwork and movement, crease presence and stance, stick utilization and placement

Progressive Concepts Progression of different save selections, which will lead into process of consistently controlling rebounds. Additionally, our belief in a reactive mindset and a relaxed intensity with relation to making saves will further build goaltenders mental strength, leading to greater consistency.

Price: $275

Rules to Apply: To be considered for participation at the 2019 Summer Goalie Camp, you must play at the Travel AAA Level.


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