2007 – 2008 Squirt Skating Program


Squirt Skating Program  2007 – 2008

Price – $205


The Academy Skating program will help you take advantage of the skating power you never knew you had.

Progression and repetition with constructive feedback during drills will be the foundation for success in this program.The SQUIRT skating program will continue to focus on the foundation principles of balance and edge control but advance in the aggression and speed each drill is performed at. Players will be asked to perform a combination of foundational principles in the drills challenging the player’s ability to think and perform the proper technique in a stressed environment. Throughout SQUIRT skating players will continue to be pushed to failure challenging a players comfort level and top speed. The Six (6) consecutive week SQUIRT program will focus on the following foundational skills:

  • Balance
  • One-foot edge control
  • Starts and stops
  • Power
  • Six (6) – 75 minute Ice sessions
    • 5 hours of ice
  • Small Group Training – Deliberate and constructive on ice instruction is essential to skill growth.  This program will have a 5:1 Player to Coach ratio or lower each session.


Squirt Skating Spring Schedule is as follows:

Program Sessions: Tuesday       April 17,24  May 1,8,15,22

  • On Ice: 4:00– 5:15pm

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