2003-2006 Advanced Skating Program

Spring – Advanced Skating Program for 2003-2006

Price – $219

The Academy Advanced Skating program will help you take advantage of the skating power you never knew you had, and this season, we incorporate pucks.

As players mature they need to play fast while handling a puck. Advanced skating for Bantams and Midgets will be focused on players being able to perform difficult skating maneuvers while putting their hands in the proper position to handle a puck. Players will continue to focus on the fundamentals of skating through isolating edge holds on each leg. . The Six (6) consecutive week program will focus on:

o Crossovers
o Forwards and Backwards
o Mohawks
o Lateral mobility
o Stride length and quickness
o Six (6) – 75 minute Ice sessions
o 7.5 hours of ice
o Small Group Training – Deliberate and constructive on ice instruction is essential to skill growth. This program will have a 5:1 Player to Coach ratio or lower each session.

Advanced Skating Spring Schedule is as follows:
Program Sessions: Thursday – April 18,25 | May 2,9,16,23
o On Ice: 4:10pm– 5:15pm

To participate in this program, please complete the REGISTRATION form via the tab below. Once the registration form is complete, and payment is processed, you will receive an email confirming your participation in the program. If the program is FULL, you will have the option to be added to our waitlist.


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