Owner/President/CEO, Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE) Terry & Kim Pegula
Sabres VP of Administration/General Manager of HARBORCENTER Michael Gilbert
Chief Operating Officer, PSE Bruce Popko
EVP of Finance & Business Operations, PSE Chuck LaMattina
EVP of Marketing & Brand Strategy, PSE Brent Rossi
EVP of Creative Services, PSE Frank Cravotta
EVP of Media & Content, PSE Mark Preisler
VP, Arena Operations Stan Makowski Jr.
VP, Director of Hockey Nik Fattey
VP, Director of Academy of Hockey Kevyn Adams
VP, Director of Food and Beverage Dominic Verni
Director of Culinary Operations Ron Kubiak
Director of POS & Systems Shawn O’Connor
Director of F&B Business Administration Craig Altobello
General Manager Jon Robare
Assistant General Manager Jennifer Arutunajan
Service Manager Danielle Kelley
Senior Bar Manager James Czora
Executive Kitchen Manager Kevin Kruzynski
Sous Chef Phil Chase
Sous Chef Lucas Vega
Senior Sales Manager Eileen Fox
Sales Manager Carolyn Moser
Office Manager Molly Bauer
Assistant General Manager (716) at the Rinks Andrew Czerwonka
Academy of Hockey
Assistant Director of Academy of Hockey Charlie Mendola
Head Development Coach Matthew Ellis
Head Scout and Development Coach Tristan Musser
Academy of Hockey Program Manager Olga Khmylev
Academy of Hockey Director of Goaltending Martin Biron
Head Goaltending Development Coach John Daigneau
Academy of Hockey Development Skating Coach Michael Ansell
The Rinks
Assistant Director of Hockey Chris Ciamaga
Director of Hockey Technology/Programming Ryan Vinz
Tournament Coordinator Jeff Sabatini
Head Ice Technician John Zlotek
Hockey Programming Coordinator Sean Wallace
Hockey Programming Administrator Lauren Pristach
Director of Athletic Development Jason Jerome
Head Sports Performance Coach Matt Crawley
Assistant Athletic Development Specialist Jim Starkey
Sales Account Executive Keli Jerome
Assistant Athletic Development Specialist Tom Quigley
Sports Performance Coach Nicholas Donnelly
Assistant Sports Performance Coach Erik Prophet
Assistant Sports Performance Coach Taylor Sexton
General Manager Mark Manzella
Assistant Manager Jamar McCarter
Area General Manager Kristina O’Connor
Manager Shelby Strack